D11.1 Patient Engagement Plan

The deliverable “D11.1 Patient Engagement Plan” has been successfully submitted. The aim is to ensure the consistent interaction between iTOBOS project partners and the European Melanoma patient advocacy community with two main objectives:

  • ensuring the patient perspective is consistently integrated into the iTOBOS project
  • raising awareness, providing education and building capacity around the topic of early-stage Melanoma and the importance of Early Detection within the European Melanoma patient community.

The purpose of patient engagement within iTobos is bi-directional and fulfils two different objectives: 1. Inwards-facing to increase the relevance and impact of the project and 2. Outwards-facing in the sense of transparency and accountability towards those for whose benefit the project is primarily conducted and society at large. Relationships are thereby to be mutually beneficial, with all parties involved contributing as well as benefiting from the interaction.

The engagement of the iTOBOS consortium with the patient community is ensured via a set of complementary activities: provision of the patient perspective into the consortium on a continuous basis through the participation of the Melanoma Patient Network Europe as consortium partner as well as pre-specified activities in work packages 1, 2 and 12, regular touchpoints between the consortium and the wider Melanoma patient community in different formats (virtual, face-to-face), presentation of the technology in combination with a workshop for European Melanoma patient advocates with interest in early Melanoma and education and capacity building to ensure impact beyond the end of the project.

iTOBOS project partners will be invited to share their planned patient engagement activities for alignment and eventual support. The patient engagement plan will be reviewed annually (June each year) and updated if necessary to account for new developments and opportunities.