Great media coverage of the iToBoS project

The iToBoS project is having a significant media impact.

In 2023, two major events organized by project partner Bosch helped to disseminate the project: the presentation of the annual financial results and the Bosch Innovation Day. This last event was attended by seven journalists from different media, including some of the most important national newspapers such as El País, ABC, El Confidencial, Cinco Días or NIUS Diario. As a result, iToBoS was mentioned in more than 30 press clippings, both from national newspapers and specialized press and from the electronics sector in Spain.

bosch madrid

In total, some 6.7 million potential readers have been reached with an advertising investment equivalent to more than 50,000 euros. Among the online publications, the following stand out: El País, El Confidencial, AutoBild, SumIndustria, AutoRevista, Energetica21, Industria Química, Alimarket, Cloud Computing or InnovaSpain. The articles are written in Spanish.