Changes in the classification of healthcare software


In the MDR there is no special change for embedded software products; they follow the classification of the device of which they are a part.

Medical Regulations in Europe for Software and Artificial Intelligence


The new European Regulation on medical devices (MDR).

Next generation data masking engine


The iToBoS project has multiple data flows supporting different types of sharing/exporting of data, both between partners and with external entities. As part of this process, on some of the data, the project will employ masking.

The conundrum of health data in a world of AI-enhanced diagnosis: Legislative frameworks


While the GDPR provides a strong legislative foundation to protect the rights and freedoms of European individuals, it cannot (and does not) govern all aspects that influence the direction of the iToBoS project.

The conundrum of health data in a world of AI-enhanced diagnosis


An article about the the conundrum of health data in a world of AI-enhanced diagnosis in iToBoS project.

Can intelligent systems replace healthcare professionals?


AI is rapidly transforming medicine and health care, allowing for significant advancements in fields such as medical diagnostics, drug development, treatment personalization, supportive health services, genomics, and public health management.

Building of the iToBoS Cloud – Part II: Advanced Services


One of the key challenges of research in the field of computer science is assembling the appropriate infrastructure needed for scientists to successfully carry out their work.

Interviews for iToBoS: Marjolein van Kessel from Naevusglobal


Today, we spoke to Marjolein van Kessel from Naevusglobal. 

If you care about your skin


Skin cancers are nowadays the most common neoplasms, both among women and men. In particular, melanomas are among the most rapidly growing cancers that occur even at a young age. 

Interviews for iToBoS: Karen Gorp from Melanoma Patients Australia


Today, we spoke to Karen Gorp, one of our colleagues from Melanoma Patients Australia about why she thinks Early Detection is important for Melanoma patients and her hopes for iToBoS!