The SaMD (software as medical device) framework


The new regulatory framework for AI / ML-enabled SaMDs is driven by two main concepts.

Medical Regulations in USA for software and artificial intelligence


It is not clear the allocation in U.S.A. of Clinical Decision Support systems into the category of SaMD (software as medical device).

Using machine learning for assessing melanoma risk based on genetic data


The natural progression of a disease depends on genetic inheritance-susceptibility of an individual and several environmental factors.

A new objective skin colour scale for research and clinical practice


A collaboration of scientists from the UK, USA, Australia, and France have proposed a more objective and detailed way to describe the huge variety of skin colour, called the Eumelanin Human Skin Colour Scale (EHSCS) and measured with a simple colourimeter.

Requirements for AI education for medical professionals


The complexity and volume of data in healthcare and increased demands for personalised care means that artificial intelligence (AI) will be increasingly incorporated into medical workflows.

Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)


CNN or ConvNet is a type of ANN that has been widely used to analyse images and sound signals. MLP is not suited to image and sound signals because the trainable parameters are large.

Neural Network based approaches for non-contact dermoscopy: a brief primer


Continuing our blog with introduction to machine learning for iToBoS, we present here a general overview of neural networks. Starting from basic definitions of important concepts, we will give a primer as meant for beginner. We keep discussions only to various types of neural networks. The functionality is also elucidated here.

iToBoS 4th GA meeting and 3rd PMB meeting in Girona


The first presential meetings of iToBoS project after the pandemic situation took place last 7th September 2022 in Girona.

Gaia-X: Hungarian National Hub


As introduced in the previous part of this blog series, Gaia-X is a European project aiming to reduce Europe’s dependence on outside corporations by achieving a secure and open data-driven ecosystem.

Registration of polarimetric images for in vivo skin diagnostics


The scientific work "Registration of polarimetric images for in vivo skin diagnostics", with the support of the iToBoS project, has been published.