About iToBoS

iToBoS is a research project funded by European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, in the topic SC1-BHC-06-2020- Digital diagnostics-developing tools for supporting clinical decisions by integrating various diagnostic data. The project has a duration of 48 months (1 April 2021-31 March 2025) and a total Budget of 12 million Euro.

The scope of the iToBoS project is to train an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system able to integrate information from different sources, ranging from dermoscopic images and complete medical records to genomics. iToBoS will develop and validate a new diagnostic device together with an AI cognitive assistant tool to empower healthcare practitioners to make comprehensive patient-tailored diagnosis of skin cancer, leading to improved detection rates and highly personalised diagnosis.

This new diagnostic tool will utilize the most recent advances in AI to facilitate the usage of any data already obtained with presently available technologies (dermoscopic images) together with the data acquired using the novel hardware proposed in iToBoS. Furthermore, the underlying algorithms will integrate any additional patient information from various sources (e.g. patient medical history, genomics, location of every naevus, age, sex, etc.) with the goal of providing a holistic assessment of individual moles while considering the specific characteristics of each patient. With systematic successive explorations of a patient, the system will be able to also robustly determine the changes occurring in the individual moles, a key feature held as one of the most informative in the detection of skin cancer. The proposed holistic approach will enable physicians to diagnose skin diseases earlier and with higher accuracy, thus increasing effectiveness and efficiency in personalized clinical decision making.