iToBoS impact in 2023

As we approach the end of the year, we want to take a moment to reflect on the journey and some achievements of the Intelligent Body Scanner for Early Detection of Melanoma (iToBoS) project throughout 2023.

The iToBoS project and its challenges have been presented at more than 50 events this year. The "Meet iToBoS" series stands out, which made it possible to exhaustively explore the different parts of the project (IT, data management, electronics, robotics, optics, diagnostics or patient engagement) from various perspectives (technology, health, innovation). The project has been presented in more than 15 different countries, considering different formats that include conferences, workshops, presentations, exhibitions or round tables. The scientific production reaches close to 40 articles, considering peer-reviewed publications, articles, posters or presentations.

In terms of media recognition, iToBoS attracted the attention of more than 25 different media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, television channels, and different online platforms. This recognition reflects the growing interest and importance of iToBoS for society.

The project has been presented to more than 20 influential figures, including policy makers, academics and business representatives. Their commitment underlines the relevance and importance of iToBoS and its commitment to public and private institutions.

As this year concludes, the iToBoS team extends its sincere appreciation to everyone who contributes to the project's success. Your support, participation and enthusiasm have been an important part of our journey. May the coming year bring continued progress, advancements and success to the iToBoS project.

Thank you for being part of the iToBoS community!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!