[ES] La UdG coordina un proyecto internacional para la detección precoz del melanoma

iToBoS project has been presented in Spanish press with the article “The UdG coordinates an international project for the early detection of melanoma”. The text is written in Spanish.

With the headline “La UdG coordina un proyecto internacional para la detección precoz del melanoma” iToBoS is introduced by Europa Press, NoticiasDe, MSN noticias, Gente Digital and 20Minutos. Europa Press is a private Spanish news agency, NoticiasDe and MSN noticias are two online news portal and Gente Digital and 20Minutos are two Spanish daily newspapers of general information.

The text explains that iToBoS will work with an artificial intelligence system capable of integrating information from various sources: images of the patient's skin surface, their demographic data and medical records to genomic information through a saliva sample. In addition, the research will allow the development of another artificial intelligence system to assist healthcare professionals in making a comprehensive skin cancer diagnosis personalized for each patient. This advance is expected to contribute to improving detection rates and generating highly individualized diagnoses.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the project, which will end in 2025 and has a budget of 12 million euros, has been one of the five that has obtained funding from the EU, among the 158 proposals that have been submitted to the call. 

iToBoS trabajará con un sistema de inteligencia artificial capaz de integrar información procedente de varias fuentes: imágenes de la superficie cutánea del paciente, sus datos demográficas y registros médicos hasta la información genómica a través de una muestra de saliva. Además, la investigación permitirá desarrollar otro sistema de inteligencia artificial para asistir a los profesionales sanitarios en la realización de un diagnóstico integral del cáncer de piel personalizado para cada paciente.

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