Outstanding impact of iToBoS project in the media

iToBoS project aims to provide new opportunities and added value to society in terms of novel health solutions, patient care, innovation, technical improvements and economic development.

The interest of society has been high, as can be seen by the response and the intensity with which the media have dedicated to explaining the objectives, challenges, scope and opportunities of the project to wide and varied audiences around of the world, also considering different perspectives.

Since the beginning of the iToBoS project, a dissemination activity has been carried out with the aim of sharing the purpose and progress of the project, both from a general and technical approach, in order to reach the largest possible audience with the support of all the partners of the project. The international consortium has helped to reach and involve different national media, so iToBoS has been presented to their audience, considering the perspectives, profiles and specific interests of each one.

In the first year of project, about 100 publications have presented iToBoS in media in 8 countries: Hungary, Spain, Germany, Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Israel and Ukraine. These disseminative articles have been produced and presented in different approaches, both thematic and general, including different formats: digital press and journals, print media and radio and TV channels.

The publications present the project as an international and transversal initiative of the European Horizon 2020 programme. They range from executive summaries to articles or interviews. Technical data is also included and the social benefits inherent to the project are highlighted.

Through the presentation in audio-visual media, the iToBoS leaders exposed in a more didactic and informative way the motivations for carrying out the project, as well as the activities done, in progress or planned. Likewise, the work is presented in many different languages spoken within the project (Spanish, Catalan, German, Hungarian, Italian, Greek, French or Hebrew), apart from English as the vehicular language.

In the Media section on the iToBoS website, a summary list is presented with the most relevant articles related to the project published in international media. The activity is still alive, and more medias can echo the activities of the project and its proposal in the near future.