[CA] iToBoS presented in TV Girona

iToBoS project was presented in TV Girona, a Spanish regional television. The news is presented in Catalan and the news appears in midday and evening edition newscast.

TV Girona is the reference television in the city of Girona and its counties. After thirty-five years of broadcasting, the channel offers direct and local programming, transmitting all the information related to the current affairs of Girona and its surroundings. It has an average audience of 28.000 viewers per day. It broadcasts two daily newscasts, at noon and in the evening, and about fifteen other programs of its own production.

They present iToBoS as an international project coordinated by the University of Girona and participated by 19 partners aimed to build an enhanced tool based on artificial intelligence for the early detection of the melanoma. In the news, it is explained that the system will be able to apply for diagnosis not only the information from the scanner, but also to complement it with additional data from the person, such as the medical history or genomic information, so that a personalized diagnosis can be presented for each patient

The news had a big impact because of the social benefits that this could bring to society, the local leadership and the close connection with the University, arousing great interest both among students and the entire educational, cultural and medical community.

Watch the news at https://tvgirona.alacarta.cat/noticies/capitol/noticies-migdia-del-16112021 and https://tvgirona.alacarta.cat/noticies/capitol/noticies-vespre-del-16112021---part-1