Skin cancers in Europe

In EU 27, melanoma is the 6th type of cancer in terms of incidence (new cases per year) after breast, colorectum, prostate, lung and bladder and the 16th in terms of mortality (yearly deaths).

A particular attention must be paid for the population in the age range of 0 to 44 years where the melanoma represents the 3rd type of cancer after breast and thyroid cancers.

The most complete and up to date (2020) data for melanoma in Europe is provided by ECIS, European Cancer Information System ( The ECIS initiative was launched in 2018 and considers the data submitted by population-based cancer registries (PCR). The coverage rate, data output, and quality of PCRs differ largely across Europe. Currently there are close to 200 national or regional PCRs covering together approximately 60% of the European population; the coverage is growing.  22 European countries have reliable national PCRs, covering the entire population while some countries in South-Eastern Europe reported only estimated incidence rates, often calculated from partial registration data and neighbouring countries registries. A negative aspect of ECIS is that it does not include “non-melanoma skin cancers”; for them we used the Globocan 2020 data (