If you care about your skin

Skin cancers are nowadays the most common neoplasms, both among women and men. In particular, melanomas are among the most rapidly growing cancers that occur even at a young age. 

Hence there is the need to increase initiatives of awareness, prevention and early diagnosis, especially in view of the summer time and high sun exposure.

With this aim Lilt (lega Italiana per la lotta contro il cancro) Trieste, in collaboration with the Dermatological Unit of Trieste, directed by Professor Iris Zalaudek, with the slogan "if you care about your skin" has scheduled 50 free dermatological visits to be held at the clinic from 27/6 to 1/7. Article in Italian language available on line at: https://triestecafe.it/it/news/cronaca/lilt-a-trieste-visite-gratuite-di-prevenzione-dei-tumori-cutanei-al-via-alle-prenotazioni-8-giugno-2022.html

Iris Zalaudek and Serena Bonin, University of Trieste.