The presence of iToBoS on social networks

iToBoS project is constantly active, not only in the development of the total body scanner and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, but also attending conferences, presenting the project in specialized congresses, conferences, or publishing scientific articles, among others. Different information and approaches to interest many types of audiences.

With the aim that the society is informed about the latest developments, all the news regarding the project are duly updated on the stakeholder’s network by means of blog posts.

iToBoS project is also present in different social networks in order to reach as many people as possible in almost real time, considering the widest spectrum, profiles, interests, technical skills, their interest with the melanoma, as well as the different perspectives present in the network.

The iToBoS accounts on social media are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

iToBoS accounts on the social media channels.

In addition, a newsletter is sent biannually to iToBoS community via e-mailing, and it is also available on the website.

The iToBoS social media platforms are the best channels to reach general audience, stakeholders and relevant groups, allowing the communication of information about news, achievements, content of interest and any relevant event in an easy and fast way. Likewise, it also allows the consolidation of groups of common interests in iToBoS topics, including research, healthcare, cancer, melanoma, optoelectronics, new techniques of diagnose, information technologies, the European framework and promoting networking and relationships between many teams at international level. Accessible to anyone who might be interested in iToBoS, the social networks also address innovators, policy makers, disseminators and other relevant target groups.

So far, more than 500 social media posts have been made through all the iToBoS social networks, presenting the news and achievements of the project and keeping the audience engaged.

The content that iToBoS publishes, focused on audiences of different profiles, has led the project to have more than 1,000 followers among all the social networks.

iToBoS on social media.

Stay tuned on the new updates that we will share, both on the website and on the social networks. Everything we plan, we do, or we achieve is there!