iToBoS website

A dedicated portal for iToBoS is a key channel to promote the knowledge of the project, facilitating the dissemination, communication and engagement activities.

The website is designed and launched at the beginning of the project and will be updated throughout its whole life, including updated information concerning the project and their partners, news, achievements, the status of the trials and the progress towards the results events, downloadable material, and any relevant content of interest.

The IToBoS site is available online and can be accessed at The website is designed in accordance with the visual guidelines created for IToBoS to reinforce the identity and considers the main recommendations in terms of user experience, accessibility, navigation facilities, web engines and integrations to digital platforms, including the link to the platforms of iToBoS social networks.

The iToBoS site aims to attract both individual visitors and stakeholders with an interest in melanoma research and technology (such as the scientific community, technology users, the skin disease industry, public administrations, policy makers, melanoma patients, the press or disseminators) and it will be an important source of information for them, including content for expert and non-expert audiences. Other European projects of the H2020 Call should be highlighted as a relevant dissemination target, allowing to identify and promote synergies and establish new lines of collaboration.