Conference presenting the iToBoS project

This video offers a presentation of the iToBoS project, including its motivations, the challenges faced and the objectives.

The iToBoS (Intelligent Total Body Scanner for Early Detection of Melanoma) project aims to develop an AI diagnostic platform for early detection of melanoma. The platform includes a state-of-the-art full-body scanner and a computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) tool to integrate various data sources, such as medical records, genomic data, and in vivo imaging. This approach will lead to a highly patient-tailored, early diagnosis of melanoma. The project will develop and validate an AI cognitive assistant tool to empower healthcare practitioners, offering a risk assessment for every mole. Beyond integrating all available information about the patient to personalise the diagnostic, it will provide methods for visualising, explaining and interpreting AI models, thus overcoming the “black box” nature of current AI enabled CAD systems, and providing dermatologists with valuable information for their clinical practice.

The conference was given by the iToBoS project coordinator at the annual event MPNE2023.