iToBoS 5th Newsletter launched

The fifth issue of the iToBoS newsletter was released!

This edition includes, among others, an article that presents the news in the consortium as a result of the 1st amendment of the grant agreement. A new partner, Canfield Scientific replaces Barco to integrate different software components, develop an intelligent human-computer interface and evaluate the design and concept of the new total body photography scanner for its clinical use.

Deep neural networks (DNNs) are powerful tools for accurate predictions in various applications and have even shown to be superior to human experts in some domains, for instance for Melanoma detection. The article “Reveal to revise: an explainable AI life cycle for iterative bias correction of deep models” discusses this topic. Also, the article on health matters “Spotting the difference: how do you tell melanomas apart from healthy moles?” discusses the importance of prevention and early detection of melanoma.

Finally, as usual, the newsletter presents a summary of some events and activites, scientific publications and work presented between April and September 2023.

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