iToBoS presented in the MWC Open Innovation Challenge 2022

Barcelona, 28/02 - 8/03, 2022. 

iToBoS presents the objectives, challenges and expected benefits of the project at the MWC Open Innovation Challenge 2022 among a wide and multidisciplinary audience.

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is one of the world's largest exhibitions of the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology. iToBoS is represented by RICOH, holding various meetings with agents from the innovation, health and ICT ecosystem with the support of ACCIÓ, from the Department of Business and Labor of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in collaboration with the Enterprise Europe Network.

The congress presents the opportunities provided by ICTs to offer precision medicine that is as personalized as possible. Computing capabilities have increased exponentially in recent years, leading the medical field to breakthrough discoveries that open up new opportunities for innovative treatments and services for patients. iToBoS proposals are aligned with the latest trends in digital health and the digital patient. The value of data and the application of artificial intelligence are key in the development of personalized health in the hospital of the future.

In addition, through the virtual platform provided by the organization, additional meetings could be held up to a week after the end of the congress with representatives of the different participating companies.

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