Kick Off meeting

Online, 8/04/2021.

The Kick-Off meeting for iToBoS project was held online, as the global COVID-19 pandemic still does not facilitate face-to-face events. Members of 19 project partners from 13 countries met at the project launch, sharing enthusiasm for the challenges we face. Ahead, great expectations and 4 years of work!

The project outline and its objectives were presented by the project leader, including the general project idea, the general concept to achieve the objectives and the general outline of work plan and schedule. Some management issues and the project coordination model were also discussed. Next, each one of the work package leaders, presented the WP specific objectives, the expected roles of WP lead and partners, and the relevant deliverables and milestones. Finally, the resources and work tools to be used during the project activities were also presented.

 You can find below the meeting agenda and some images of our meeting.