iToBoS at 16th DPM International Workshop on Data Privacy Management

Online, 25/11/2021.

iToBoS was presented by Abigail Goldsteen, from IBM Research, in the framework of the 16th DPM International Workshop on Data Privacy Management. The conference was held virtually in October 2021.

Organizations are increasingly concerned about the privacy of information that they manage (several people have filed lawsuits against organizations violating the privacy of customer's data). Thus, the management of privacy-sensitive information is very critical and important for every organization. This poses several challenging problems, such as how to translate the high-level business goals into system-level privacy policies, administration of privacy-sensitive data, privacy data integration and engineering, privacy access control mechanisms, information-oriented security, and query execution on privacy-sensitive data for partial answers.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss and exchange the ideas related to privacy data management. The worksop was addressed to researchers and practitioners working in privacy, security, trustworthy data systems and related areas.

Some of the topics presented and discussed were Privacy Information Management, Privacy Policy-based Infrastructures and Architectures, Privacy-oriented Access Control Languages and Models, Privacy in Trust Management, Privacy Data Integration, Privacy Risk Assessment and Assurance, Privacy Services, Privacy Policy Analysis, Data Protection Regulations in Practice, Privacy Preserving Data Mining, Privacy for Integrity-based Computing, Privacy Monitoring and Auditing, Privacy in Ambient Intelligence (AmI) Applications, Individual Privacy vs. Corporate/National Security, Privacy in computer networks or Privacy and Big Data.

More details at DPM2021.