iToBoS project presented in 1st Spring Biophotonics Conference in Porto

Porto, 20-23/04/2022.

iToBoS project was presented and described in the 1st Spring Biophotonics Conference in Porto (OPORTO22), in a conference named “Multimodal optical systems for the investigation of skin diseases”.

The conference was led by Prof. Bernhard Roth, invited as a speaker, and he spoke about the project in the name of Liebniz University Hannover, partner of the iToBoS project. The event took place in the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, Portugal.

The goal of the OPORTO Conference is to bring together the key members of Biophotonics international community after COVID isolation to discuss and resume business as usual, including current and further research plans, collaboration, exchange visits, public engagement events, etc.

In this spirit of the scientific exchange, we would like to thank you in advance for your active contribution to making the OPORTO Conference a success. We hope that while you are experiencing the exciting atmosphere of this event, you will gain new insights about the fascinating new developments in laser physics, light-tissue interaction, nano-photonics, neuro-imaging, image processing and their application in life sciences and modern biomedical applications.

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