iToBoS project in Bootcamp22 Research Strategy

Lisbon, 14/05/2022.

iToBoS project was presented in Bootcamp22 Research Strategy workshop in the framework of the Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) work within the project.

The presentation took place in the Champalimaud Foundation (Centre for the Unknown) in Lisbon with the Melanoma Patient Network Europe, and was made by Lennart Jütte, from Liebniz University Hannover, partner of the iToBoS project.

The event is addressed to Melanoma patients, carers and advocates who are already involved in research projects or who have a serious interest to become involved in the near future. 

Research is critical for solving Melanoma. Many of us are already involved in research projects and the opportunities for us are increasing. So far, our involvement has been mostly reactive- we were approached by others. However, we are not in research to be engaged. We engage in research to find solutions for our community as we still loose half of our people with Stage 4 Melanoma. More on patients' engagement (rather than patient engagement) in research here.

In this series of Bootcamps we apply design thinking tools -some old, some new- to look into what research has to deliver in order to be meaningful for Melanoma patients. We also look into how we can make best use of our expertise and experience to get more strategic and better research.

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