iToBoS project at Liquid Biopsies Congress 2022 (European Association for Cancer Research)

Bergamo, 24-25/05/2022.

iToBoS project was presented in Liquid Biopsies Congress 2022 of European Association for Cancer Research (EACR).

Eleonora De Martino, Serena Bonin, Erika Giulioni, Cesare Massone, Maria Antonietta Pizzichetta, and Iris Zalaudek made a poster with the title “Exosome micro RNAs as liquid biopsy biomarkers to follow-up skin melanomas patients” in the framework of University of Trieste, partner of the iToBoS project.

The EACR Conference on Liquid Biopsies provides a comprehensive overview of liquid biopsies in cancer. It covers what is already in clinical practice, what is on the horizon for liquid biopsies in cancer patient management and the latest new techniques for high sensitivity profiling of solid tumours in the blood.

The meetings develop our understanding of the potential of liquid biopsies. This includes to support early detection of cancer; as prognostic, pharmacodynamic and predictive biomarkers of treatment efficacy and resistance; and for patient monitoring, including of minimal residual disease for early identification of disease relapse. It will also explore how liquid biopsies can be incorporated in cancer patient management and how implementation of liquid biopsies can change clinical practice.

Learn more at Exosome micro RNAs as liquid biopsy biomarkers to follow-up skin melanomas patients.

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