iToBoS’s ai4pa, Artificial Intelligence for Patient Advocates online course

Online, 31/03/2022.

iToBoS project has launched ai4pa (Artificial Intelligence For Patient Advocates) consisting in a training module oriented to patient advocates that serves as an introduction to transparent and explainable AI and its policy context.

The training module opened on March 31, 2022, in online format. Applications are open to the public and each person can start when they see fit according to their needs.

This module was developed for the iToBoS by Melanoma Patient Network Europe (MPNE) with members of the iToBoS consortium and external faculty, and it has been created because nowadays patient advocates should know about Artificial Intelligence. In the near future, AI will determine which patients are eligible for particular treatments, which treatment options are the most cost-effective and therefore funded, and will limit the life options of those same patients in almost all walks of life, from getting a loan to getting a job.

The ai4pa online course cover the concepts of machine learning, artificial intelligence, helps to understand what transparent and explainable AI is and allows to get an overview of the current policy context, with focus on the EU.

Places are open and registration is completely free. More information at