iToBoS project in Bootcamp21 face2face Research Strategy

Berlin, 11-13/02/2022.

iToBoS project was presented in Bootcamp21 face2face Research Strategy on February 12th, 2022.

The event took place in Berlin, Germany, and was led by the Melanoma Patients Network Europe (MPNE), partner of iToBoS project. It carried out the parts that were planned for the Bootcamp21, developed in an online format due the covid restrictions. 

The original event, planned in December 2021, was replaced by a series of online sessions due to COVID pandemic. This face-to-face event built on the work conducted during the online sessions. Bootcamp21 focused on why and how MPNE engages in research and on what they are concretely going to do next.

MPNE developed a Design Thinking tool internally and in collaboration with external partners (BMBF, the German Ministry for Education and Research, SIRIC-BRIO, a French cancer research institute of excellence and Vision Zero Cancer, a Swedish innovation ecosystem financed by Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency).

The iToBoS project was presented and described in the Impact Assessment section. This session reflected on what is considered a positive impact and how to measure it. Likewise, the lessons learned so far were discussed; what, as a community, is considered a criterion of success and how to measure it.

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