Cybersecurity Congress 2023

Barcelona, 31/01–2/02, 2023.

iToBoS project representatives attended the Barcelona Cybersecurity World Congress 2023 (BCC), where technology experts, executive and industry visionaries shared their experiences and knowledge of cybersecurity technologies and possibilities.

The event took place in Barcelona from January 31 to February 2 and hosted presentations, debates and activities on cybersecurity with the aim of making visible the risks of an increasingly digitized society.

In addition, it included a series of sessions in which security was treated as a fundamental premise for any company, with the presence of experts for the different presentations. In the exhibition area, the event presented many companies specialized in cybersecurity and their products and services, both for organizations and end users.

Health, supply chain, software development, energy and utilities, and industrial automation and control system were among the most relevant sectors present there. This fourth edition of the BCC advocated increasing security levels in the industry to avoid or minimize cyberattacks. For the iToBoS project this is a very important matter, since we work with medical data and patient information. The confidentiality, integrity, availability and authenticity of the data deserve the highest level of protection against any potential attack.

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