Health and medical challenges on the AI agenda in the AI&AUT Expo

Budapest, 15/02/2023.

The Hungarian Railway Museum in Budapest provided a rather extraordinary venue for this year’s AI&AUT EXPO, an event co-organized by the national laboratories coordinated by SZTAKI and Neumann Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd.

Robert Lovas, from SZTAKI and member of iToBoS project, was there representing the project. The expo showcased several domains where AI and automation play crucial roles in the advancement of technology. Almost 500 visitors from 16 different countries had the opportunity to experience the latest developments and talk to the researchers themselves via the impressive demonstrations in the exhibition area. Members of the Autonomous Systems National Laboratory and the Artificial Intelligence National Laboratory and representatives from the industry displayed their state-of-the-art solutions in the fields of self-driving vehicles, industrial automation, robotics, drone technology, machine perception, and language technology applications.

Besides the demonstrations, the two-day event was packed with presentations by senior policymakers, and industry and research leaders from Hungary and Europe. The main topics of these talks were the following: European AI Initiatives, Autonomous Systems, Machine Perception, Smart Agriculture, Gaia-X, Data Sharing and HPC, Machine Learning and Control, Natural Language Processing, Medical and Health Applications.

In the latter session dr. Miklós Szócska, Head of the Data-driven Health Division of the National Laboratory for Health Security in Hungary highlighted the digital revolution happening in healthcare as applying AI to solve problems opens an avenue of possibilities. Experts underlined that cell therapy, MRI image processing and pharmaceutical research are among the application domains that can benefit from the enhancement of AI and automation.