iToBoS project presented in the 11th European School of Dermato-Oncology (ESDO)

Berlin, 13-14/01/2023.

iToBoS was presented at the 11th European School of Dermato-Oncology Update on Cutaneous Oncology (ESDO).

This event was a two-day educational program targeted to Dermatologists and other skin cancer specialists who are actively involved in the treatment of skin cancer. The principal aim of this course was to provide a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the decision-making process for the management of all types and stages of skin cancers.

Dr. Josep Malvehy, member of Fundació Clínic per a la Recerca Biomèdica, scientific partner of the iToBoS Project, acted as Plenary Chairperson for the Melanoma I Session, and presented the talk titled; “Gene expression profiling: should we integrate it in our daily practice?”

Dr Malvehy’s presentation captured the emerging field of gene expression profiling (GEP) to provide improved information on a patient’s risk, prognosis and to guide treatment. As the number of available adjuvant therapies increases, there is a growing desire to predict which patients are at high risk of recurrence. Modern anti-cancer drugs are expensive and carry a risk of both life-changing and life-threatening toxicities. Therefore, a method to more accurately predict who is expected to benefit from additional intervention, could avoid over-treatment in patients who were likely to be cured by surgery alone. Dr Malvehy reviewed the existing evidence for GEP in predicting risk of recurrence, and suggested rationale for using the 31-GEP method along with AJCC staging to guide which patients are candidates for more intense treatment.

It is this type of additional clinical data that iToBoS aims to integrate into the AI Cognitive Assistant to provide a holistic risk assessment for patients.

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