iToBoS project presented in the Spanish Academic group for imaging in dermatology and venereology

Barcelona, 31/03/2023.

iToBoS was presented at the “XI Reunion del grupo de trabajo de e-dermatologia e imagen (GEDEI) de la Academia Española de Dermatologia y Venereologia”. 

This event was a working group meeting for Spanish academic dermatologists to discuss the advances in clinical imaging related to dermatology.

Dr. Josep Malvehy, member of Fundació Clínic per a la Recerca Biomèdica, scientific partner of the iToBoS Project, co-hosted this event, and gave a presentation titled “Artificial Intelligence and Deep Phenotyping with 3D Total Body Photography”.

Dr Malvehy’s talk provided a thorough explanation on how ‘deep phenotyping’ that will be used in iToBoS, will drive melanoma risk evaluation and precision medicine. Deep phenotyping uses several sources of information to better evaluate the holistic risk of a patient.

Phenotype characteristics that can be associated with melanoma risk include traits relating to hair, eye and skin colour, the level of sun UVR damage, the number and dominate type of naevi, and freckling patterns. This information merged with clinical data, such as age, sex, personal and family medical history, as well as genetic information can provide a more in-depth assessment of a patient. The combination of deep phenotyping with machine learning methods can improve the detection of skin cancer and risk stratification for patients.

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