Master course Italian Melanoma Intergroup

Trieste, 5-6/05/2023.

University of Trieste, partner of iToBoS project, organized in Trieste the Master Course IMI on the management of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers patients.

IMI (Italian Melanoma Intergroup) is a scientific society founded in 1998 with the aim to deepen all the aspects associated to melanoma. The two-days course held on 5th and 6th May and focused on the management of complex clinical situations that can be handled in practice with an integrated clinical approach.

The Master courses organized by IMI take indeed the form of practical, multidisciplinary meetings and a primus inter pares, horizontal vision.  Iris Zalaudek and Serena Bonin, from the University of Trieste, represented the iToBoS project.

The programme, which is available online at spans from the clinical and histopathological diagnosis to the molecular genetic framework and locoregional and systemic treatment. The event was held in Italian.