Skin screening on the beach of Grado: 566 visits in the sign of prevention

Grado, 8-9/06/2023.

Grado is a tourist town between Trieste and Venice in the North Adriatic Sea.

To sensitize people to the adverse effects of excessive sun exposure, the dermatologists of the University of Trieste, ASU GI, and the MST Centers, in collaboration with the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer (Lilt) FVG, organized for the second year a free dermatological screening service for those - passers-by and bathers - who wanted to take a few minutes of their time to devote to health. People were informed about the event with posters, through word of mouth, and especially by the frequent announcements of speakers who remembered, in Italian and English, this opportunity for their health. The campaign was a success, with 566 visits made in two days - and this year, for the first time, the event will be repeated in the last two days of June on the beach of Marina Julia.

The most important message this type of event wants to convey is the culture of prevention. Melanoma is a rare but increasingly growing cancer, and Friuli Venezia Giulia is one of Italy's regions with the highest incidence of melanoma. Correct and safe sun exposure, preventing sunburns, and using protective cream should become integral to education.

Skin tumours, such as melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma or actinic keratoses represent the most widespread malignancies, both among women and men; in particular, according to the most recent data, melanoma is among the tumours with the highest incidence in Italy, and even young people must pay particular attention. Although the risk factors are well known, such as excessive sun exposure with sunburn, the presence of more than one hundred naevi, familiarity (i.e. the occurrence of melanomas among first-degree relatives), a personal history of melanoma or immunosuppression (e.g. people with organ transplants, haematological diseases or Parkinson's Mb.), it must be emphasised that in about half of the cases melanoma also affects people without any risk factors.