Optotune’s webinar on the iToBoS project

Online, 21/06/2023.

The iToBoS project has been featured in a webinar hosted by the simulation software company Ansys.

The American company is the responsible for Zemax OpticStudio, one of the most used software to design and analyze optical systems. It is not the first time Optotune and Zemax have collaborated. The optical design software integrates Optotune’s liquid lenses in its lens model catalog and the two companies already prepared together a tutorial on how to use those lens models. 

This time, Optotune and Ansys have partnered to explain the case of the iToBoS project and the optical design challenge it presented. In the tutorial, Optotune’s Michael Büeler and Xavier Palou start introducing the problem that skin melanoma represents and how the iToBoS project aims at helping the dermatologists to detect it as early as possible. With the goals of the project outlined, they dive deeper and deeper into the architecture of the total body scanner until reaching the specifications needed for the optical system. From here on, the discussion revolves around the optical design process using Zemax’s software, the decisions taken to fulfil the specifications that the total body scanner needs and how Optotune’s liquid lenses could solve the problem. 

All the details at Webinar on "Early Melanoma Detection: How Liquid Lenses Solve Optical Challenges".

The webinar has been edited in 2 versions. A full version of about 45 minutes of duration that includes the most technical sections about optical design and an executive version more aimed at a broader audience.