About us

Coronis Computing SL is a spin-off company of the Computer Vision and Robotics group (VICOROB) of the University of Girona, in Spain. It is mainly focused on research, development and technology transfer activities, specialized in computer vision and machine learning technologies. In particular, Coronis Computing has strong experience in the design and development of total body scanners, including the hardware and the data processing tools. During the last years the company has worked on the development of two full body skin scanners in the 3D reconstruction of the body from image information, and on the detection and tracking over time of lesions. At the moment Coronis is engaged in four EU H2020 projects (projects iTobos, NEANIAS, EMODNET and EUROFLEETS+).

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Main role in the project

Coronis will contribute with his experience in building full body scanners. Coronis will have the responsibility of choosing the cameras needed for the scanner (RGB and RGBd). The software that Coronis will provide will create 3D reconstructions of the patient using the RGBd cameras, providing information in real time to the liquid lenses in order to predefine the focus distance. Also Coronis will be in charge of merging moles seen by different cameras on the same exploration and detect the same lesion in different exploration for applying change detection algorithms. Coronis will also contribute to other WPs and the definitions of the operational requirements for the total body skin scanners and the AI algorithms.