Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute

About us

The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) is a research center which belongs to Fraunhofer Society, Europe’s largest application oriented research organization. The Department of Artificial Intelligence has its main research focus in the application and development of (deep) machine learning methods. This includes an information-theoretical analysis of deep representations, the development of efficient data analysis techniques and novel deep architectures, as well as the use of state-of-the-art neural network models for classification and regression tasks on image, text, video and time series data. Timely research topics such as explainable artificial intelligence (XAI), interpretable and reliable machine learning, compression of neural networks or the convergence between machine learning and communications are also investigated by the groups of the department.

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Main role in the project

Fraunhofer HHI will lead the XAI related activities of the project, such as the development of novel and adaptation of established XAI techniques aligned to the specific AI tasks and tools developed throughout iToBoS. That is, Fraunhofer HHI will provide XAI tools for the verification and quality assurance of the ground truth data set created during project time. Further, Fraunhofer HHI assists in the development of AI-based predictors and risk assessment frameworks. To this end, Fraunhofer HHI will provide XAI solutions to verify, explain (to developers and clinical experts) and thus improve the prediction process of AI-based tools for imaging phenotype feature extraction, mole detection and tracking, and AI-based cognitive assistance frameworks.