About us

Isahit is a socially responsible startup that links artificial intelligence with human intelligence. This French company offers a digital micro-tasks outsourcing service via its online platform.

Isahit’s community of HITers(the people who performs the tasks) is mainly composed of women coming from 32 countries and 3 different continents (Africa, South Asia, South America). We offer them the possibility by working on our platform to finance their professional projects (entrepreneurship) or their personal projects such as their studies. Member of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition, isahit adopts a co-development approach by participating to the the deployment of the CSR strategy of its clients by giving new opportunities to populations from emerging countries. Each year; isahit’s social impact is assessed by KIMSO who uses Social ROI measurement method.

Isahit is collaborating today with almost 250 companies across the world and more than 1500 digital projects have been completed, in other words, about 25 millions of tasks performed on our platform. Building from this experience, isahit’s team acquired a real expertise in data labeling for AI applications but also for marketplaces’ back-offices activities.

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Main role in the project

In order to efficiently train the artificial intelligence models to recognize moles, isahit will manage the annotation of image datasets. Thanks to its intelligent annotation platform and to our community specifically trained on these subjects, the results will be provided to the teams in charge of the development of the algorithms with an optimal quality.

The control processes present on our tool allow us to measure the quality of each annotator in order to have total confidence in the deliverables. We use golden tasks whose results are already known and which allow us to verify the homogeneity between the annotators and the target results. With a community of 1000 women, the volume of annotations needed can be processed quickly and according to the schedule defined by the ITobos project teams.