Release of ai-privacy-toolkit version 0.2.0

The open-source ai-privacy-toolkit is a toolkit for tools and techniques related to the privacy and compliance of AI models. We recently released version 0.2.0 of the toolkit containing new functionality around privacy risk assessment of synthetic datasets.

Melanoma, much better to prevent than to cure

Netherlands to provide free sun cream to tackle record skin cancer levels.

iToBoS project presented in a TV program in Catalonia

The iToBoS project was presented on the “Fet a mida” program, a daily television magazine broadcasting topics of general interest and current affairs of La Xarxa.

What French Melanoma patients know about AI use in their disease: a melanoma patient advocate observation in online forums

The MelanomeFrance forum is an online private forum of around 1500 Melanoma patients and carers, mostly from France, but also French speaking Belgians, Swiss, North Africans and Canadians.

Exosomal miRNA can be used to discriminate nevi from melanoma

Staging of melanoma and follow-up after melanoma diagnosis aim at predicting risk and detecting progression or recurrence at an early stage, respectively, in order to timely start and/or change treatment.

Containerization for iToBoS cloud services

Containerization is a method that allows to run multiple applications on a single host machine using isolated environments called containers.

iToBoS project presented on TV Girona

iToBoS project was presented on Televisió de Girona (TV Girona) on June 22, 2023.

SoftwareX paper: AI Privacy Toolkit

The need to analyze personal data to drive business alongside the requirement to preserve the privacy of data subjects creates a known tension.

Pipelining for automated data processing in iToBoS

Data pipelining is a process that involves moving data from one system to another or from one application to another in a controlled and automated way.

Reveal to Revise: An Explainable AI Life Cycle for Iterative Bias Correction of Deep Models

Deep neural networks (DNNs) are powerful tools for accurate predictions in various applications and have even shown to be superior to human experts in some domains, for instance for Melanoma detection.