No other interest can take precedence - a patient’s perspective on oncology drug development

My husband’s diagnosis with melanoma and our struggle to access effective therapy challenged what I had learnt about medical research. I have since founded a patient network, becoming avocal advocate for patient- centric drug development. Herein, I discuss some of the lessons I have learnt. 

[FR] Les défis et la proposition du projet iToBoS

Le projet financé par iToBoS-UE vise à créer un outil de diagnostic et d'évaluation holistique pour la détection précoce du mélanome.

[ES] Los retos y la propuesta del proyecto iToBoS

El proyecto iToBoS financiado por la UE tiene como objetivo crear una herramienta de diagnóstico y evaluación integral para la detección temprana del melanoma.

From good to great: what patients can do for your medical research

Melanoma Patient Network Europe has a lot of experience in connecting researchers with patients, including organizing patient-led conferences. The group’s founder explains how productive interaction can be transformative to research.

iToBoS project has started

iToBoS is a research project funded by European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme; with an aim to build a new diagnostic tool for the early detection of melanoma, exploiting all the available information of the patient.