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What can the ATMO-2ES bring to the iToBoS project?

European Health Data Spaces


Part of the project’s overall goal is to create a set of dermoscopic images that can be used in the development and training of image classification algorithms. Once a model has been trained, a data set of previously unseen images can be inputted into the system, and it will be able to classify the images according to a pre-defined ruleset.

iToBoS presented in Skin Cancer Self-Help


iToBoS is presented as a EU project that develops intelligent body scanner for early detection of melanoma.

Top 10 ways AI is improving the healthcare industry


iToBoS project presented in AI Magazine as an AI tool to improving melanoma screening.

iToBoS dermoscopy


Dermoscopy is known as surface microscopy, dermatoscopy or epiluminescence microscopy and it consists of an imaging method that allows increase the lesions 10X to 120X leading a visualization of some structures located within the skin (epidermis and dermis).

Impact of standardization in tissue processing: the performance of different fixatives


The scientific work "Impact of standardization in tissue processing: the performance of different fixatives", supported by iToBoS project, has been published in the journal New Biotechnology. 

Masking and anonymization tools for datasets in iToBoS


In September 2022 (M18 of the project) we submitted deliverable D4.1 - Masking and anonymization tools for datasets. We bring here some highlights from that deliverable.

How skin cancer AI handle collision tumors and borderline cases


Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world. It is is deadly at late stage but can be cured with high survival rate if being detected early.

Presentation of the Report on Digital Health in Catalunya


iToBoS representatives attended the presentation of the technological report on the Digital Health ecosystem in Catalonia, carried out by ACCIÓ (Agència per la Competitivitat de l’Empresa) with the support of Biocat. The event was held in Catalan.

MPNEminiMeet 22- the European Health Data Space patients need


More than 33 participants gathered in Brussels on 18-20 November for the MPNE mini-Meet 2022, held under a new Over the Edge format.