EPLL: image denoising using a Gaussian Mixture Model learned on a large set of patches


For image denoising, there is an important line of work that uses the self-similarity principle that natural images obey: an image contains many image patches similar between each other. To remove noise, one can look for similar patches in an image and average them.

Skin cancers in Europe


In EU 27, melanoma is the 6th type of cancer in terms of incidence (new cases per year) after breast, colorectum, prostate, lung and bladder and the 16th in terms of mortality (yearly deaths).

Data augmentation for automated melanoma lesion detection


Training data balance is crucial to the performance of machine learning (ML) models, especially deep learning models. There would be a high risk of overfitting when training on unbalanced datasets.

iToBoS project in Bootcamp22 Research Strategy


iToBoS project was presented in Bootcamp22 Research Strategy workshop in the framework of the Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) work within the project.

Image Inpainting


Image inpainting is the technique of reconstructing of missing portions in an image in an undetectable way, restoring both texture and structure.

iToBoS project in the World Cancer Research Symposium 2022


iToBoS project was presented at the conference "Environmental/ host factors and clinical heterogeneity in skin melanoma: the need of a holistic diagnostic tool", in the World Cancer Research Symposium (SWCR2022).

Image Colour Transfer


Image colour transfer aims to alter the colours of one image (source) to mimic the appearance and colour palette of another one (target).

Image segmentation for dermoscopy


In this blogpost we will talk about the importance of image segmentation for dermoscopy as well as other medical imaging techniques. For skin cancer screening it is of importance to segment the nevus from the skin.

Image Super-Resolution


Image Super-Resolution is the task of restoring a high-resolution image out of one or several lower resolution images. A simple enlargement of the image would produce a blurred result, so a special approach is needed to boost the apparent resolution and enhance image sharpness.

Image Deblurring


Image deblurring is the technique of removing blurring artifacts from an image that can come from object motion, camera shake or out-of-focus blur.