[FR] L’intelligence artificielle médicale à travers le monde

L’intelligence artificielle permet de répondre aux diverses problématiques démographiques liées à la santé. Elle contribue à améliorer le quotidien de plusieurs centaines de milliers de personnes. L’intelligence artificielle médicale accompagne et améliore de nombreuses vies à travers le monde.

Mechanical and electrical design standards of medical devices (II)

There are some curiosities that show the IEC60601-1 standard regarding the general requirements for safety and essential performance of medical devices.

The importance and pitfalls of melanoma screening

You would think melanoma screening and diagnosis would be straightforward – after all, the skin is your most visible organ and doesn’t need surgery, endoscopes or x-rays to examine.

Using machine learning for assessing melanoma risk based on genetic data

The natural progression of a disease depends on genetic inheritance-susceptibility of an individual and several environmental factors. The human genome contains millions of genetic variants (single nucleotide polymorphisms-SNPs).

Combination of clinical information, genetics and imaging in the first clinical study

The iToBoS international project includes a novel total body scanner and a Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) tool, to integrate various data sources such as medical records, genomics data and imaging data. The first clinical study was created while iToBoS scanner is being manufactured.

Data augmentation and normalization in Skin Cancer AI

Skin Cancer AI is a novel AI solution for early detection of skin cancer.

Mechanical and electrical design standards of medical devices

The construction of the iToBoS machine is a great challenge for the ATMO-2ES team at Bosch.

Bosch Manufacturing Solutions ATMO

What can the ATMO-2ES bring to the iToBoS project?

European Health Data Spaces

Part of the project’s overall goal is to create a set of dermoscopic images that can be used in the development and training of image classification algorithms.

iToBoS presented in Skin Cancer Self-Help

iToBoS is presented as a EU project that develops intelligent body scanner for early detection of melanoma.