The AI Challenge

Melanoma detection is hard, and spotting it early can save lives.

Why is Optotune participating in the iToBoS project?

The iToBoS project revolves around the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to analyse the images from the patient’s skin and give a comprehensive output to the doctors to help on their diagnostic.

Torus, proud member of iToBoS consortium for fighting skin cancer

iToBoS is one of the only five projects, out of more than 150 proposals, that have been selected by the European Research Council Horizon 2020 program.

AI-Assisted diagnostic support

A manual examination of skin lesions with a dermatoscope is the current standard procedure and state of the art in dermatoscopy. This is a highly laborious process, often limited to a small selection of lesions which excludes registering the state of off-lesion skin regions.

Fraunhofer HHI begins work on EU research project IToBoS

The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) has kicked off its work on the research project IToBoS "Intelligent Total Body Scanner for Early Detection of Melanoma".

[HU] Mesterséges intelligencia eszköz a melanoma korai felismerésére

Az iToBoS az Európai Unió Horizont 2020 kutatási és innovációs programja által finanszírozott kutatási projekt, amelynek célja egy olyan, új diagnosztikai eszköz létrehozása a melanóma korai felismerésére, amely a betegről rendelkezésre álló összes információt hasznosítja.

Differential value of iToBoS

iToBoS tackles the limitations of currently available systems, by designing a novel tool that will help practitioners during the diagnostic process. The diagnosis for a given exploration will be enhanced with all the data available for the patient, including, but not being limited to, genomics, clinical history, previous dermoscopy, etc.

Obtaining images to analyse the skin.

A patient will enter a room and the scanner will move to acquire images of their body surface, and that’s it! The scanner will look like a series of cameras in an arch that moves.

European Mole Scanning Project to Detect Melanoma with AI-Powered Body Scanners

As summer approaches some of us will face an increased risk of skin cancer caused by long exposure to the sun.