[PT] iToBoS-Projeto financiado pela UE visa criar uma ferramenta holística de diagnóstico e avaliação para deteção precoce de melanoma

iToBoS é um projeto de investigação financiado pelo programa de investigação e inovação Horizonte 2020 da União Europeia. Este projeto tem como objetivo construir uma nova ferramenta de diagnóstico para a deteção precoce do melanoma, explorando todas as informações disponíveis do paciente.

Towards the Interpretability of Deep Learning Models for Human Neuroimaging

The scientific work "Towards the Interpretability of Deep Learning Models for Human Neuroimaging", with the support of iToBoS project, has been published. 

[PL] Zaawansowane narzędzia do wczesnego wykrywania czerniaka

Skuteczne badania przesiewowe i wczesne wykrywanie mają kluczowe znaczenie w walce z nowotworami.

[FR] Le Numérique Responsable

Occupant une place prépondérante dans notre société, l’informatique et le numérique sont utilisés par la quasi-totalité des secteurs, dont celui de l’intelligence artificielle. Bien que présentant de nombreux atouts, le numérique cause de lourds dégâts : pollution environnementale et problèmes sociaux. Un numérique responsable est-il possible ?

The AI Challenge

Melanoma detection is hard, and spotting it early can save lives.

Website updating

The content of the website is updated frequently, considering both the technical and content perspective.

Why is Optotune participating in the iToBoS project?

The iToBoS project revolves around the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to analyse the images from the patient’s skin and give a comprehensive output to the doctors to help on their diagnostic.

[HE] The EU-funded iToBoS project aims to create a comprehensive diagnostic tool for the early detection of melanoma

Do you want to read more about the project in Hebrew?. In this article we present iToBoS.

Torus, proud member of iToBoS consortium for fighting skin cancer

iToBoS is one of the only five projects, out of more than 150 proposals, that have been selected by the European Research Council Horizon 2020 program.

How to pick a sunscreen

iToBoS aims to detect melanoma early, but you should also take steps to prevent it entirely. Sunscreen is an important part of your prevention toolkit, but with hundreds of options on the market, how do choose one that’s right for you?