iToBoS presented to the Technological Transformation and Disruption Unit of Government of Catalonia


iToBoS consultants met with representatives of Government of Catalonia to present the project, as well as its innovative aspects and its value proposition based on the application of information technologies and optoelectronics for the health sector and society.

Using DICOM file format for dermatoscopy


DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) files are a standard for storing and transmitting medical imaging information. They are more commonly used in various radiology modalities, such as MRI or CT scans, as they can contain multiple frames of an image in a single file, thus allowing to store a 3D image formed by slices.

Neumann 120: Celebrating a pioneer of computing


Recent advances in software and hardware technologies have revolutionized data-driven research projects such as iToBoS by greatly accelerating the execution of computational tasks.

Best use of R&D winners 2023


The iToBoS project partner Trilateral Research won "Invest in Ireland’s award" for "Best Use of R&D" for their work on iToBoS. 

Change detection and melanoma diagnosis


Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, and early detection is crucial for successful treatment. One approach to detecting skin cancer is to use change detection, where changes in the skin over time are analyzed to identify potential malignancies.

Health and medical challenges on the AI agenda in the AI&AUT Expo


The Hungarian Railway Museum in Budapest provided a rather extraordinary venue for this year’s AI&AUT EXPO, an event co-organized by the national laboratories coordinated by SZTAKI and Neumann Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd.

Digital Health and Medtech Europe


iToBoS representatives was present in the Digital Health i Medtech Europe presentation, hosted online by the Agency for the Competitiveness of Companies of the government of Catalonia.

Melanin as a possible confusing variable in histologic analysis


Histologic analysis of melanocytic lesions can be supported by immunohistochemistry and in research also by in situ hybridization (ISH).

iToBoS in the IOTS World Congress


iToBoS participated in the IOT Solution World Congress (IOTSWC) and the Brokerage Event, that took place in Barcelona, in February 2023.

Submission and approval of the first Periodic Reporting of iToBoS project


The first Periodic Reporting corresponding to the period M1-M18 was submitted to the EC on November 24th, 2022 (M20) and it was officially approved on January 25th, 2023.