iToBoS project presented in Futuro de Europa


Thirteen Spanish entities will be funded by the European Commission to develop health research projects. iToBoS is among them. The article is writen in Spanish.

No other interest can take precedence - a patient’s perspective on oncology drug development

My husband’s diagnosis with melanoma and our struggle to access effective therapy challenged what I had learnt about medical research. I have since founded a patient network, becoming avocal advocate for patient- centric drug development. Herein, I discuss some of the lessons I have learnt. 

The iTOBOS project introduced by the Government of Catalonia


The project has been presented as one of the European health research projects coordinated by Catalan entities that will receive funds from the EU.

iToBoS in Lo Campus Diari


The article presents health research projects coordinated by Catalan entities funded by the European Union, including iToBoS in the search for early detection of melanoma.

iToBoS in The New Barcelona Post


iToBoS project is introduced in The New Barcelona Post This media is an independent journalistic project, with an innovative digital format, that aspires to be the speaker of the companies, people and institutions that are committed to Barcelona and the best platform to promote economic activity, culture, creativity, science and innovation.

iToBoS quoted by the Lombardy’s Entrepreneurial Federation


iToBoS project was quoted by Confindustria Lombardia, the Lombardy’s Entrepreneurial Federation.