Building of the iToBoS Cloud: Advanced Services


One of the key challenges of research in the field of computer science is assembling the appropriate infrastructure needed for scientists to successfully carry out their work.

iToBoS project in VI ‘Photonics Meets Biology’ Summer School and Workshop


iToBoS participated in VI ‘Photonics Meets Biology’ Summer School and Workshop that took place in Spetses Island, Greece, from July 27 to July 30, 2022.

ABCDE’s of Melanoma


One of the key objectives of the iToBoS project is to educate the general public about the most dangerous skin cancer melanoma and the visual signs that could help in early detection.

Intro to AI Privacy


There is a known tension between the need to analyze personal data and the need to preserve the privacy of data subjects, especially in the health domain.

Interviews for iToBoS: Marjolein van Kessel from Naevusglobal


Today, we spoke to Marjolein van Kessel from Naevusglobal. 

iToBoS presented in AI Magazine


iToBoS project was presented in AI Magazine, a digital magazine specialized in Artificial Intelligence news: the latest trends, industry insight, and influential projects.

Explain to not forget: Defending against catastrophic forgetting with XAI


The work "Explain to Not Forget: Defending Against Catastrophic Forgetting with XAI", with the support of the iToBoS project, has been published.

If you care about your skin


Skin cancers are nowadays the most common neoplasms, both among women and men. In particular, melanomas are among the most rapidly growing cancers that occur even at a young age. 

Interviews for iToBoS: Karen Gorp from Melanoma Patients Australia


Today, we spoke to Karen Gorp, one of our colleagues from Melanoma Patients Australia about why she thinks Early Detection is important for Melanoma patients and her hopes for iToBoS!

Advanced masking technologies in the iToBoS project


Data masking is the process by which sensitive data is replaced, with data that is unintelligible to the receiver, addressing data security and privacy requirements and regulations.