iToBoS project presented in Advance Course for Dermoscopy


iToBoS was presented in a teaching talk at the 15th Advance Course for Dermoscopy, for primary and secondary prevention and therapy in dermatology oncology.

iToBoS: genetic information and melanoma risk


Some genes have been associated with the risk of melanoma. A mutation of in some high penetrance risk genes are associated with familial melanoma and multiple primary melanomas. 

First online AI Privacy course


Privacy and Compliance for AI has been the topic of a few of our recent blog posts. It is a field that is well known and studied in the academic arena, but still relatively new in the industrial world.

3rd Newsletter of iToBoS project


The third issue of the iToBoS newsletter was released!

iToBoS project at NTUA European Researchers’ Night


iToBoS project was presented in NTUA European Researchers’ Night in Athens on September 30, 2022.

The presence of iToBoS on social networks


iToBoS project is constantly active, not only in the development of the total body scanner and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, but also attending conferences, presenting the project in specialized congresses, conferences, or publishing scientific articles, among others. 

The SaMD (software as medical device) framework


The new regulatory framework for AI / ML-enabled SaMDs is driven by two main concepts.

iToBoS project presented at Artificial Intelligence Doctoral Academy (AIDA)


iToBoS participated in Artificial Intelligence Doctoral Academy AI Excellence Lecture Series via online on September 27, 2022.

Medical Regulations in USA for software and artificial intelligence


It is not clear the allocation in U.S.A. of Clinical Decision Support systems into the category of SaMD (software as medical device).

iToBoS project presented at ESMAC 2022


iToBoS participated in ESMAC 2022 conferences, that took place in Dublin, Ireland, from 19 to 24 of September 2022.